Group coaching community for brave women+ who finally want to create the life they deserve.

Think: Brené Brown’s science background meets Amy Schumer’s brutal honesty.

We'll tackle boundaries, mindset, communication, and more!

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The Sisterhood


Each month we'll dive into topics like letting go of fear and shamesetting intentions the right way, discovering your inner voice, unpacking intimacy, establishing boundaries, and more!

The Sisterhood

✦ Instructional video about the topic of the month

✦ 60-minute mid-month check-in call 

✦ 90-minute interactive call where we connect on your challenges and successes

✦ Monthly Handbook with insightful worksheets to help you dive deeper into the content 

✦ Private Facebook community with journal prompts, quotes, and mindfulness practices 
✦ Access to the previous year's worth of content
✦ Discounts on my future courses, seminars, and events


Does this sound like you?

✔️ You go to Barnes + Noble’s Self-Help  section section hoping the perfect book will jump out to help you find a way to be happy

✔️ You know you should be grateful for what you already have, and you are grateful, but you’re not satisfied

✔️ You checked the boxes society promised would equal happiness - married the right guy, put everyone before yourself,and told yourself it was enough when it wasn’t

✔️ You can’t buy enough or scroll enough to quiet that voice that knows there is more out there

✔️ You hope it’s not too late to be the person you thought you’d be

✔️ Are ready to know who the fuck you are and what you were meant to become

Does this also sound like you?

✔️ You want pleasure.  
Deep unapologetic pleasure. Orgasms, time alone without guilt. Self-confidence.

✔️ You want to feel deeply in love with your partner or have no partner at all

✔️ You desperately want tools to help you express your feelings

✔️ You want a life. Your life. On your terms. You deserve to find out what happiness means to you.

✔️ You don’t have to do this alone.

I'm Rachelle

  •  You probably know me from TikTok or Instagram where I share insight about purpose with over 250k+ people
  • I’m a life coach specializing in where self-actualization meets humor
  • Think Brené Brown if she said 'fuck' a lot

What we're covering:

JANUARY: Building a Positive Body Image

FEBRUARY: Falling in Love with Yourself

MARCH: Spring - What is Waiting to be Born

APRIL: Learning How to Manifest

Sisterhood Commitment Levels


Sisterhood VIP



What's included:

  • Monthly Video: In-depth video for a deeper understanding of the monthly theme
  • Sisterhood Workbook with resource list, worksheets, and playlist on the monthly theme
  • Access to 2+ years of the previous month's content
  • Private Facebook Group to foster connection 
  • Special discounted rate for one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Discounts on future courses, content, and events

I cannot wait to connect with you as you learn to live embodied and empowered

The Sisterhood welcomes you!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Sisterhood is an online group coaching for badass women who finally want to create the life they deserve. Guided by your fearless leader, Rachelle, you’ll learn how to stop sabotaging yourself, practical tools for tackling overwhelm, ways to improve the way you speak to yourself, how to rewire your brain to work for you, not against you, how to set, and stick to, boundaries, tricks for onboarding good habits, and MUCH more! Week by week, from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be inspired to grow through this rebellion of like-minded women on this journey. The VIPs get in-depth guidance, tools, and resources to help you stay accountable.

You’ll receive a welcome email where you can create your login so you can access membership content right away.

  • The first four months we’ll cover:
    •  JANUARYBuilding a Positive Body Image

    •  FEBRUARYFalling in Love with Yourself

    • MARCH: Spring - What is Waiting to be Born Within You
    • APRIL: Learning How to Manifest
  • Additional month themes will be rolled out as we go, and you can access ALL content from months past!

All of your content will be easily accessed from within the member portal. Once the program has officially launched and you have logged in, you will have all of the content that matches your applicable membership level.

You can access the membership portal from a desktop, laptop, or from the convenience of your mobile phone. Take the Sisterhood with you everywhere you go!

Know that there are absolutely no rigid rules or requirements in this program. Do what you can, when you can, and rest easy that the content lives in the platform for you to work with as it feels good for you.

The Sisterhood is a 12-month commitment. You can cancel your renewal at any time, but no retroactive refunds can be issued.

There is a 12-month commitment for the Rebel Sisterhood. You can cancel your renewal anywhere in that 12 months, however, no refunds can be issued. The monthly payment will apply for 12 consecutive months.