Life Coaching?

What exactly is life-coaching?

Life coaching is all about directing intentions to sustainable goals for maximum impact. It’s about navigating your life's purpose with tools over time. Unlike therapy, we won’t dive in over multiple sessions without a central goal. I will provide you with specific action plans based on your current situation. In moving away from stasis and towards emergence with the right tools, you will transform.


In working together, we’ll curate your personal path of intention, and I will hold you accountable to it. Life Coaching is all about self-transformation + discovering your full potential. 


Whether you seek self-discovery, growth, or increased productivity, we'll get you there together.

So - how do I help ?

As a certified Life Coach, I’m your personal sherpa, your cartographer, and spirit guide.


I look at the mountains of your seemingly impossible lifelong dreams and help you lay out, prepare for, and execute the best route up and into them. My work as a Life Coach is to ensure you have all the supplies you need in order to make your trek a success. Then, I embark on the journey alongside you—over the boulder fields, up the switchbacks, across the gaping chasms and sheer cliff faces of fear and self-doubt—until you reach your summit. At which point, I’ll pass you a water bottle, wipe the sweat from your brow, and smile as you revel in the new view. The one you never imagined was possible.


My work as a Life Coach is about the present and the future, not the past. It’s about creating intentional, highly personalized, and actionable plans, and then moving forward with them in meaningful and effective ways. And, perhaps most importantly, working with me along this journey will lead you to personal change and growth. Because, that’s also what this is: a journey. And the best ones will always surprise you. 

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